Chiselled Grape
2012 Piesporter Riesling Auslese
warm and fruity with excellent acidity to balance the sweetness
G14 $16.75
smooth, sweet a match in every way to the 5 Star but with more aroma & flavor
2012 Five Star Gewürtz
German, QBA
2009 Chiselled Riesling
honey, melon tinged with tropical flavors
2014 Chiselled Gewürtz
hints of allspice, grapefruit & floral sweetness
2014 Piesporter Riesling Kabinett
German Kabinett, hint of citrus, caramel & fresh tea
2014 Chateau Peyruchet
French Bordeaux, sweet with honey flavors
2012 Festival White Cuvée
Light crisp and refreshing!
2014 Chiselled Viognier
hints of honey-suckle, orange blossom and nectarine
2014 Chiselled Chenin Blanc
hints of apple blossom, apricot, and melon
2013 Castillo de Jumilla Blanco
fresh and fruity
2014 Chateau Beauregard Ducase
expressive peach nose with pleasant citrus finish
2011 Marechal Foch Reserve
layers of red fruit and toasted vanilla
2014 Pino Doncel  5/meses
a spectacular blend of monastrell, syrah and petit verdot - one of the best in our shop
2011 Chiselled Lakefort
port-style Frontenac grape, dark, smokey and sweet.
2010 Chiselled Barbera
jammy, vanilla & cherry
2012 Lacrimus 5
Spanish wine, black currants, cherries with a hint of pepper & spice
2011 Lacrimus Rex
grapes grown in the soil of the dinosaurs spicy and rich with flavor
Dibon Cava
Dibon Cava $18.00
vintage champagne, crisp, a hint of rose and refreshingly dry
2011 Divus Monastrell
warm cherries on oak, dark, robust & plummy with anise & sweet spice
2011 Lacrimus “Crianza”
Six European Gold Medals
2010 Ikebana Lirac
French, a wine made up of traditional blending grapes
2011 Terras de Javier Rodriguez
Top Wine from the Winery of the Year in Spain, Just wow! 100% Tinto de Toro Grape
2010 Castillo de Jumilla Crianza
Spanish Crianza, 14 months in oak, 1 year in the bottle, rich spicy
2008 Late Harvest Muscat Canelli
crisp, liquid gold, honey with botrytis
2103 Pinot Doncel  12/ meses
12 months in oak, a Monastrell and Syrah blend
2013 Castillo de Jumilla
100% Monestrell, well oaked, balanced with a hint of sweetness
2010 Little Red Dress
California, two silver medals -jammy, balance of vanilla and cherry flavors
2011 Chiselled Pinot Noir
bright fruit, herbal and creamy
2011 Chiselled Grape Nebiollo
light, refreshing red - great with pasta
2011 Chiselled Malbec
California Wine. Silver Medal, robust and out-of-this-world good.
Dark Chocolate English Bite
Pair with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon!
Milk Chocolate Buttercream Bonbon
Pair with Muscat Canelli!
Milk Chocolate Toffee Bite
Pair with the Puyruchet from Bordeaux!
Sea Salt Caramel
Pair with a glass of our Late Harvest!
Milk Chocolate Caramel
Pair with a Barbera or Nebiollo!
Pretzels $5.00
Vern's pretzels

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